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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. now at noon, a sense of numbness at a martinez high school a 14-year-old is hit and killed by a fray train, they are remembering her today. and they finally came to an end and the impact is finally still happening. and on the streets, two serious crashes left one person dead and two others fighting for their lives including a
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toddler this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> reporter: high school students are mourninging the lost of a friend she was struck and killed by a fray train yesterday. she was 14 years old, here is more on how the school is handling the news. >> reporter: some students found out as they arrived to campus that morning so you can imagine what a difficult day has already been. >> reporter: 14-year-old jenna betty was struck and killed by the fray trains. >> she was always laughing she was always sitting at the lunch table laughing. >> reporter: just hours after, jenna's mother posted this, she was sitting on the train tracks
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with her boyfriend, the horn blew to alert them. she cleared and dropped her phone and the train creates a vacuum and suction you in and we are beyond devastated. students don't know what to do with the feelings they have. some students are saying, let's wear pink because it was her favorite color. >> students wore pink clothes and condolences have been out, r i p jenna betty. she had a smile and she was always a phenomenal athlete. >> today grieve counselors were on hand and she had many friends from soccer and one of
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jenna's sisters attend the memorial high school. a box truck snarled the late morning commute, the bay bridge. joining us from highway 101 where the chase ended, it is still um packth contract -- impacting traffic. >> as you are taking a look you can see but just about five minutes ago, ch b had been involved, one of our cameras of a white box truck slowly moving through the east bay finally making a stop here on highway #0 1, the chp has identified the driver as hector.
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fence tess. he a lent lid stole the truck and they immediately called chp and they started this trace. police were out and they reduce add spike strip. a traffic brick stalled traffic for a few minutes but chp allowed chp to stop right before the 2 it 80 split is morning. >> he did try to get out of a tree and our officers indicated that we are looking at a stolen vehicle and lee move -- and
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remove and, crews were adding a nearby tire but we can't say they were on its tares but part of it was longed in the axle. as we look, picking up about near the 280 split, it will take some time but chp says be parish on a the roadways. >> all right, ktvu channel 2 news. a car hit and killed a woman walking in across walk this morning. the driver of the corvette that hit her called and stayed at the san to investigate with cooperators. >> the driver said he felt an impact to his vehicle. he looked out of his rearview mirror and he saw a pedestrian
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laying in the roadway and at that point he called a. her mother was apparently under the influence when she crossed the center line on osgood around noon and head a car head-on. the mother is also in critical condition. the firm was in kid call condition. >> then you have a child in the car seat, flying around the car when it crashes >> the driver of the other car suffered serious but he also may have been driving under the influence and both classes
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could be charged. it happened at manual parkway am and he said the water had to be turned off at 11:00 homes and trinity way. it is unclear how long repairs will take. chilling new details about a man killing a san jose teen four yearsing ago. detectives said he had been stabbed to death. jay williams will soon go on trial for his formally believe -- he believed his religion allowed him to kill and showed he previously killed two animals before he killed russell. they are missing a 98-year-
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old man. she said her father never arrived at the retirement community where he has lived for the past ten years. his family fears he may have become lost while driving in the rain. davisdave -- they are regular lating the use and sale of e- cigarettes. it will be held before the board and it can no longer be told and sales will procedured and it would also crack down on illegal significant frets. a programmable to keep
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safe, richard and others part of the crossing guard program. it was launched in response to the alarming number of fatalities. school. they are raising this because of the alarming number of students who passed away. two others schools in district 7 will kickoff crossing board programs and the . the city has won approval to take part of a new public --
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they are taking over properties in exchange to upgrade them. mayor lee said every is determined to improve the housing units that are often plagued with rats, mold and other dangerous conditions. and tensions continue to rise as troops from ukraine and crucial why and u.s. is threatening to take over russia. there are dave and it will sit and they will urge students to stay at commune tip colleges.
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. right now california's community colleges offer two year associate degrees but some say they should offer four-year degrees. they went to sacramento to lobby for that change. >> reporter: students showed up at the campus of evergreen coliseum only, a small sacrifice to rally for something they believe in. >> i believe we can all stand together and raise awareness
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about the issue. >> reporter: these students are showing their support for the senate bill to allow community collegeels to offer a four-year degree. california needs to provide one million more bachelor degrees to currently remain competitive. >> they would not be able to produce these 1 million new degrees. >> reporter: they are part of the annual march and march event where they are supporting education at a community college which would allow them to save money. >> as we all know college is extremely experience sufficient and we can open the doors to more. >> a boy late program and they could not duplicate programs.
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>> they would not conflict and we are opening a private program. like automotive, some are in such high demand. >> reporter: lawmakers will discuss how they can push this legislation forward. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are threatening to implement sanctions against russia. ukrainian troops can be seen over the weekend and they must have thousand am and are said to be am accepting in enforcement and he said russia is on the wrong side and he has called on congress to work on
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an aid package to them right away. here he is in south africa. >> how do you plead? >> not fruity. oscar pistorius known as the blade runner pled not guilty in a courtroom this morning. he is charged with killing his fashion model and he claims he shot a her by mistook. a house fire sent residence scrambling. this new video shows one just after 9:00. it quickly spread to the garage which was filled with gasoline. >> lean was trying to pull something out of the car pajama to keep things from exploding
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pause we had gasoline and neighbors tried to help him pull some of that out and we heard popping and we said lane, you've got to get out of there. >> they were able to keep the flames confined and they did a great job of using fire extinguishers. he did suffer minor burns. the flames go the so big and nobody else was injured. a second fire in less than four months at a home near san leandro, the latest fire began at 5:00 yesterday morning neighbors had been parking their cars so the house would
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not seem vacant. back then,, they discovered legal lie there -- legally there. the white house changed their plans for the day, kyla campbell has the latest. >> reporter: when i was looking outside at the capital building here it took a lot and wind was blowing it from time to time. it forced them to cancel its public tours while snowplowers were very business busy. the conditions are impocket -- impacting road conditions and it feels like single digits
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with the windchills. it is expected but many employees are working from home. we caught up with one woman who was was there. >> i have to take him out, he loves it. >> eric tweeted he arrived here in d.c. as the snow started to pick up. any other lawmakers may not be as lucky. i checked the flights and almost all of them had been caps selled. these pictures are from canada, 55 miles south of diyala,, the backup of interstate lanes stretched for nearly 45 miles. temperatures in north texas are
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expected to remain below freezing and it is still affecting the traffic remembers more than a few things are getting it so far today. just one flight has been canceled in oakland and all of the if he canned flights were headed to the east coast. overcast skies and spotty showers are beginning to fall across parts of the bay area. we had a few light shadows in the backdrop. we have those light showers increasing for your afternoon and in time for the evening drive and most of us will have slick roads. here is a look at it coming our
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way. and avenue further north and earl earlier and sliding in, maybe a few scattered showers hitting the ground in and around alamedas well as oakland be a mostly sprinkles falling in the downtown area, the rich man -- richmond and novato, areas of if cop cord some red work work there and snow level are expected to stay right around 7 feet so fairly high with this system. notice it begins to fill in with a little bit more as we are into the evening commute.
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it doesn't take much, in the evening hours it will begin to wind down and we'll see a few scattered showers left over tomorrow morning. we'll see acquire ther of an inch will pick up and maybe a little bit more. and widespread up -- upper 50s. and tomorrow we wake up with the possibility much morning rain and we dry out to mostly dry conditions same for tuesday as the second one moved in use it day. we have dry whether or in the forecast and as we get to sunday we will be springing forward. >> thank you rosemary.
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second weekend in march. cleaning up and what we heat had.
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. >> global stocks are down over russia's military advance into ukraine and that outweigh is the reports in u.s. manufacturing. the dow jones industrial average is down 175 and s&p 500
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down 16. just 15 hours after the last oscar was given away, cleanup is nearly complete after hollywood's biggest night and this shows a red carpet outside of the theater and a few bleacher's remain from at from the academy awards. he gland the cleanup process and continued throughout the night. >> the oscar goes to... >> 12 years of slaves, brad pitt, steve mcqueen -- >> 12 years of slaves won best picture and the film got two other wins. they had best supporting act direct and screen play. they took home best and matthew
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imagine couldn't hay, kate plan chet, filmed in san francisco. we have a complete list which is part of our oscar section on the home page. rain is expected to sweep southward and a complete forecast when you can expect to see it again at 5:00, thank you for making our news your choice. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one.
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